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7 Steps to Overcome a Creative Drought

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

There comes a time in every creative’s journey when your inspiration, motivation, and desire to create, hits an all time low and sometimes may disappear. Mentally you just can’t push yourself to do the things that at one point would bring you pure joy and make you happiest, but now you find yourself in a struggle.

How do I know? For a year and a half what started for me as a creative block was an open door for what turned into a time frame of creative drought. I literally almost let the devil trick me into giving up on my career. Now we aren’t talking about a journey that I started a month or two ago or something that I’m new to, this has been years of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and prayers. I built my career to a place where I was finally seeing some of the fruits of my labor, accomplishing more than ever but where was the passion I once had? I wasn’t trying anything new while working, I was barely posting on social networks, but most I lost my motivation. I had so many ideas my blog being one of them but I just could not find it in me to get the ball rolling. One day I finally realized I was scared because I had never felt so uninspired. I was literally letting every ounce of stress, disappointments, comparisons, and every growing pain of life drain my creativity and I knew I had to get out of that place! It became my number one priority to get myself back to a place to flourish creatively like never before.

We are going to get into 7 steps I put into consistent practice to jump start my fresh creative space, and have me feeling like I got my juice back!

1.Fasting and Praying

My number one because throughout my life and especially on my career journey, I have been a firm believer in the power of fasting and prayer. I fasted from multiple things including food, social media, people and many other things to starve my distractions and focus on getting clarity from God.

2. Removing Toxic Connections

When we feel better we create better! When it comes to toxicity we can’t leave any room for fumes of mess, hurt, anger or any unnecessary negative emotions to come creeping in. As we are on our journey to creative enlightenment we have to keep ourselves focused on getting our peace and mojo back. Anyone or anything that is hindering that MUST GO! This can be a relationship, friendship, or bad job situation, whatever it is LET IT GO!

3. Unfollow Negativity and Stop Social comparisons

It may be someone that you have absolutely no personal problem with but they just resonate negative draining energy all over your feed UNFOLLOW! If you find yourself comparing and putting yourself down after viewing someone’s post UNFOLLOW! In the words of Jonathan McReynolds “Comparison Kills.” Replace them with people who are working to accomplish similar goals, those in your field that you admire, and those who create and post regularly Most of us spend a lot of time on social media so make sure you are filling your feed with people who are making you feel uplifted, inspired, and informed.

4. Positive Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are simple statements you speak over your life each day, one I use daily is “ I am a successful entrepreneur.” Even though this seems so simple, when you start to feed your mind positive thoughts of your goals already being accomplished you begin to program yourself to make sure your actions are matching the words you speak .Flood yourself with positivity, I have a daily affirmation app, I have positive quotes and phrases all around my desk and bedroom, literally everywhere I look there is something positive and encouraging.

5. Surround yourself with a Solid Supportive circle

This one for me is imperative! My family and closest friends always support me 150% and never fail to display it. With that being said, make sure you have people around you who you know genuinely support you. My mother (ultimate bestie) and best friends hold me DOWN! They are always praying me through, giving me encouraging words, and pumping me up letting me know “You beat faces for the gawds, your blog is going to be amazing, there is only 1 you” Honey they lay it on!

6. Self care and down time

As a creative entrepreneur we are pretty much always working, grinding and securing the bag. I have been working for myself since 19 and I have had a few times that I completely burn myself out. Sometimes physically trying to grind too hard to put money in the bank, and sometimes mentally just over thinking about work and my next move. Sometimes you have to step away and just shut off your work brain. Find time to relax, rejuvenate and refresh so you can operate your gift at its best.

7. Reflect

Lastly, take time to reflect on your creative journey and look at how much progress you have made. Look at some of your old pictures, evaluate how your techniques and skills have advanced. Some of the things you prayed so hard for has come to pass. Look at how you overcame so many things that tried to stop you from reaching your current point. Even if you are early into your journey, you are better than you were a month ago. Your winged liner is getting better, your highlight and contour are on point, your hair coloring technique is better, you may be slaying those boom kacks and 8 counts, or mastered that run you've been trying to get.


If you are in a creatively dry place, I hope that the simple steps help you overcome that feeling and unleash inspiration for you to operate in your gifts like never before. Not saying this feeling will go away over night and it may even occasionally return, but you now have steps to help you push past it. Don’t let the worries and stresses of life steal your ability to be creatively free! You have too much sparkle to feel like anything other than a glistening mermaid, or a flying unicorn! Leave your sparkling

footprint everywhere you go!

My Dear this world needs what you have to offer!


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